Joe Scheideler


           Joe Scheideler has a great deal of experience in employment law as well as other legal issues. Prior to practicing law Joe worked as a district manager for Kerr Manufacturing and Lee Pharmaceuticals in the dental industry. Since closing his office, Joe has worked as a pre-planner for Olinger and has now embarked on his new career serving successful and talented people in finding their ‘dream careers.’  Joe has learned that the internet is not the place to solve your job search predicament. The path to success requires a professional process provided by the career specialists team. Joe graduated from St. John’s University, NY, with a BA in English and Philosophy, and, after serving in Viet Nam, Brooklyn Law School with a JD. When you’re sick you go to  the doctor, when you have a legal problem you go to a lawyer, so when you’re searching, without real success, for a career position, doesn’t it make sense to go to the team that has provided the right job to the right company for many years, the CS team has your job solution.