Professional Biography

Dedicated to maximizing assets, reducing costs, improving morale

 and increasing profits.


            A senior level operational executive, Paul Schechtman has a successful history of advancing an organization’s growth by building strong operational systems, improving key processes and controlling costs. He’s respected by executives and peers alike for his ability to improve performance across a number of disciplines and in the process, increase profits.


            Schechtman brings a wide array of talent to an organization; having held significant management positions throughout his career, he’s delivered noteworthy results in a variety of circumstances across multiple functionalities. As a COO for a $45M full-service moving and storage company, he improved workflow throughput by instituting improved WMS controls. He also enhanced labor utilization 20% through process improvements. As Director of Distribution and Logistics for Forman Mills he introduced operational improvements that yielded a 25% reduction in costs for this $200M apparel retailer.


Schechtman’s background includes proven success in managing international, multiple-site responsibilities and leveraging new technologies to enhance operational efficiencies. In one instance he achieved 255K functionality out of a 184K sq. ft. footprint. He’s enhanced labor and personnel ratios by introducing elevated Standard Operating Procedures and improved Process Flow guidelines. He introduced new technology to an organization’s operations that resulted in a 400% increase in volume coupled with an overall reduction in the operating budget of 20%.


          Respected for developing high-performance multi-cultural teams, he has positively impacted such organizations as Johnson Storage and Moving, Forman Mills, Mothers Work, and Day-Timers, Inc. In these settings, he has established and directed operational teams known for their excellent performance and dedication to “Best Practices” methodology. The teams under his supervision have always operated with the lowest amount of absenteeism, worker comp claims and customer complaints. Schechtman is highly regarded by all levels of an organization as a conscientious and dedicated professional.